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Where is God?
Gratitude - The key to happiness
How to deal with a person who always complain
The Joy of innocence Mahatria on Emotions
11-Minute Guided Meditation to Flow with Love
3 Ways to Stay Positive always
Celebrating Raksha Bandhan | Mahatria on Brother-Sister Love
How to deal with fear of missing out?
How to discover the purpose of your LIFE?
How to see every role in your life
3 Steps to Develop a Powerful Subconscious Mind
What is devotion?
Finding Peace In A Pandemic
11-Minute Guided Meditation To Stay Connected to Divinity
How to Improve Your Concentration
The Importance Of Self-Awareness
FATHER – An Unsung HERO | Selfless Love of a Father
11-Minute Guided Meditation To Manifest Abundance Into Your Life
Do You Keep Facing Challenges? | On Negative Patterns
The Secret To Be Happy | Magic Of Memories
How To Focus Your Mind On What You Want | Motivational Speech
Tips To Improve Quality Of Thoughts | Ideal Choice Of Words
Your Attitude When You Have Everything
Life Lessons To Be Learnt From Buddha | On Buddha Purnima
Expand The Bandwidth Of Your Beliefs
WATCH THIS! If You’re Feeling Alone | Mahatria On Loneliness
How To Leave Your Past Behind And Move On
Come Out Of The Lockdown As A Champion | Overcome The Coronavirus Lockdown Anxiety
The Hand of Clock | Message for Financial Year 2020-21
How To Stop Overthinking
I Still Dare To Smile | Mahatria on Corona Virus
5 Aspects Every Successful Person Must MASTER
Are You Looking For A 'Perfect Relationship'?
Whose Opinion Should Matter to You
Life Changing Video… Free Yourself!
Why Is There Judgement Even Within A Family?
11-minute Guided Meditation For Deep Relaxation
Are Your Priorities In Life Right?
You Only Have 1095 Days To Live
Why is life a struggle?
How To Win Your Subconscious Mind?
Faith And Judgement Cannot Coexist!
Have You Ever Cried Out Of Happiness?
Gender Equality A Message for Teachers
A Revolution Is Possible
What is Faith?
Do You Have Faith In Yourself?
Are You Using Your Potential To The Fullest?
Are you always in search of peace?
Example of a Good Friendship
Karna and Krishna
Today is a Gift
New World Of Faith
The Power Of An Idea
What is Love and Attachment?
Gratitude To Teachers
Celebrate Your Originality
2 powerful insights to GROW IN CONFIDENCE
Are You Living by What You Know?
Relevance of Celebrating Guru Purnima | Part 1 of 5 - Who was Veda Vyas?
Relevance of Celebrating Guru Purnima | Part 2 of 5 - Who is a Guru?
Relevance of Celebrating Guru Purnima | Part 3 of 5 - Not to an individual...
Relevance of Celebrating Guru Purnima | Part 4 of 5 - How can we give back?
Relevance of Celebrating Guru Purnima | Part 5 of 5 - Pass it on...
Meditation Music To Feel The Bliss Of Divinity
Mahatria’s Message for Joint Families
Do Not Hit Your Child | Impact of Physical Abuse
Everyone Has a Role to Play
infinipath Satsang - Draw Good Into Your Life
7 Minutes Relaxing Meditation Music with Classical Touch and Positive Words
How Long Will You Keep Exploring?
How to Manage Your Time Effectively
How Your Life Can Inspire Others
The Master Key To Peaceful Progress In Life
Are You Thinking Like A Winner?
Why Are We Unhappy in Life?
Don't Worry About The World's Judgement
Mahatria's Funny Take On Imperfections
The Beauty of Marriage
Meditation Music To Feel The Spiritual Presence
11-Minute Guided Meditation For Inner Peace
Are These 2 Mental Blocks Slowing You Down?
The 1:23 Rule for Healthy Living
Are Notice Periods A Bad Management Strategy?
Meditation Music To Realise 'Life Is Beautiful'
11-Minute Guided Meditation For Positive Energy
Are You Good At Planning?| Mahatria Empowers Women - Part 1
Wishing you most and more
The Art of Internal Communication
Happy Spirituality Mahatria on happiness
Earn Your Dinner |Commitment Towards Healthy Living
Dos and Don’ts During Eclipse | The Science Behind Eclipse
Subconscious Programming for Children | Neurological Programming
The Science Behind Every Ritual
Are You Living By What You Know? | Knowing vs Implementation
Keep Learning, Keep Upgrading | On Growth
Why Are Policies And Procedures Important In A Workplace
A Mother’s Love Is A Special Gift | Message On Mother’s Day
Be The Change You Want To See
How To Succeed Happily | A Guide To Happy Life
How To Move On From A Broken Heart | Drop Your Past
Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone
11-Minute Guided Meditation To Celebrate The Blessings Of Life
How To Move On After A Break-up?
The Magic of Human Existence
How To Use Your Quarantine Time Productively? | Corona Virus – Janata Curfew
The Secret To Improve The Quality Of
Your Life

Feedback Is Essential
Nothing Is Impossible
Are You Building A Healthy Self-Image In Your Children?
Infiniminute a simple Spiritual Practice 
The Best Kind of Leadership
Be a Gift to The World
Change Your Definitions To Change Your Life
Happy Spirituality
Importance of Self-Respect
How To Improve Self Control
Parents Fighting Worry You? Watch This
Are You Making Everyday Count?
What Is Your intention
Is There Laughter In Families?
What Stops Me From Experiencing Abundance?
What Is Above God?
Theist Vs Atheist - The Divine Delusion
Enemy is within You
Are You Ready To Give Up?
Does Anger Take Control Over You?
Are There Bad People In Your Life?
Are You Going To Change Because People Judge You?
Are You Affected By The World's Judgement
The First Step To Success
What Is Happiness?
A Fresh Perspective to Celebrate Father's Day
Develop a Karna in you
Who Grows the Fastest?
Mahatria's Funny Experience In a Seeker's Place
The 5:1 Rule For Positive Living
How to Live a Legendary Life
4 Realizations That Will Change Your Life
Minimum Effort, Maximum Results
There Is No Excuse for Mediocrity
Make Life Work for You
Face What You Must Face
How To Love Yourself | Loving Yourself | Self Love
Stay Restless, Stay Positive
Are You Doing Justice To Your Potential?
One Mistake We Make With Our Loved Ones
A Message to Entrepreneurs on Resource Management
What Did You Learn Today? A Short Story From Leo Buscaglia's Life
Laughter, Happiness, Success | Expand Your Definition of Abundance
The Importance of Focus | A Lesson From Valmiki
Overcome Your Weaknesses
3 Traits It Takes to Be Truly Great
The Art of Building Beautiful Relationships
Who Are You When Nobody Is Watching?
Celebrating infinitheism Day - Mahatria's message for 9.11.18
An Idea Never Fails
Be a Spontaneous Lover
11-Minute Guided Meditation to Manifest Success
One Thought Can Change The World
The 4 Laws of Spirituality
Spirituality is About YOU and Not God
Are You Implementing the Best Practices of Life?
Spirituality is A Science
How To Improve One’s Self-Image | Mahatria Empowers Women – Part 2
Meditation Music To Stay Calm and Centered
How Do You Deal With Failure?
Staying Positive When Corona Positive
How To Make Your Child Self-Accountable?
Choose What's Right Over What's Easy
Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind By Speaking The Right Words
Joint Or Nuclear Family – Which Is Better? | On Relationships
Understanding The Child Within Us
How To Communicate Effectively With People | The Art Of Communication
Surrender To Your Mentor | Have Faith In Your Guru
11-Minute Guided Meditation To Understand The Game Of Life
How To Overcome Hurt In A Relationship | Best Relationship Advice
How To Be More Productive – Entrepreneur
The Billionaire Mindset
The Master Key To Create Great Relationships
Stand Above The Crowd | Overcome the Coronavirus Lock down Anxiety
DO THIS Before You Go To Sleep Everyday | Mahatria on Self Awareness
Why Is Blue the Colour of Infinitheism?
Is Going To Work A Struggle?
Your Destination is Unique
Why It Is Your Moral Responsibility To Be Rich
Importance of Every Relationship
Teach ‘Him’ To Respect ‘Her’
Are Challenges Pulling You Down?
2 Reasons Why People Are Unhappy In Life
How Do You Express Happiness?
Who Is Your Right Friend?
Child And Temperament
The Process of Self Cleansing
Right Ways To Feel Like A Hero
Intensity Makes All The Difference
Why I Am Not Able to Move Ahead?
Who Is Your God To You?
The Power of Self Belief
How To Become Better At Selling?
Should You Give Up Education for Business?
Bring Happiness Into Your Home
STOP Complaining
How To Bring God Closer To You?
How A Monkey Became God
Resist Temptations
Mahatria's Funny Speech On Disorganised Living
What Is In A Day!
How To Be A Catalyst In Other’s Growth
What Is a Relationship
You define your capability
Celebrating infinitheism Day
You Cannot Be A Leader Without THIS!
STOP Begging For Love
Do You Carry Your Teacher In Your Heart? | Celebrating Teachers | Part 1
Everybody Is Shaped By A Teacher | Celebrating Teachers | Part 2
Teacher's Attention Is A Blessing | Celebrating Teachers | Part 3
Making Learning Easy | Celebrating Teachers | Part 4
Take Pride In Being A Teacher | Celebrating Teachers | Part 5
The Story of Mrs Thompson | Celebrating Teachers | Part 6
Mahatria's Message to Students Appearing for Examinations
Build Your Own Brand
Mahatria's Message On Mother's Day
Three Lessons for Life
infiniprayer Explained | Line 1 of 11 – Feeling Thy Presence…
infiniprayer Explained | Line 2 of 11 - Feeling Thy Grace...
infiniprayer Explained | Line 3 of 11 – Feeling Thy Radiance…
infiniprayer Explained | Line 4 of 11 - You are my source of faith and strength...
infiniprayer Explained | Line 5 of 11 - You are my path and destination...
infiniprayer Explained | Line 6 of 11 - And i am always connected to you...
infiniprayer Explained | Line 7 of 11 – Nothing of me, and everything of you…
infiniprayer Explained | Line 8 of 11 - Lead me Higher...
infiniprayer Explained | Line 9 of 11 - Lead me Deeper...
infiniprayer Explained | Line 10 of 11 - Lead me Beyond...
infiniprayer Explained | Line 11 of 11 – Lead me to You…
infiniprayer – The Universal Prayer
11-Minute Guided Meditation To Experience Blissful Gratitude
Are You Loving Yourself Enough? | Mahatria Empowers Women - Part 3
What Ego Demands | Mahatria on Attitude

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