An invite only experience.


HDB is an unparalleled 8-day residential spiritual retreat with Mahatria. Thousands of seekers who have had the privilege to experience HDB, consider it a re-birth in all dimensions of human life - psychological, emotional, and spiritual.

As a human being, you have the potential to access the greatest of all resources available – an infinite source of energy that can bring life to whatever you dream and desire.  HDB aids in awakening this infinite potential in you. The quality of your life is directly dependent on the extent to which you understand and empower your spiritual self.

Mahatria will initiate your journey to inner awakening, leading you... Higher in Maturity... Deeper in your Spiritual Connect... Beyond in Materialism.



An invitation to dissolve with the divine.
HDB , a residential spiritual retreat, gives you the purest of experiences that help you discover your true spiritual self – a mirroring with existence.

HDB takes you on the most meaningful journey of your life – your journey within, to the depths of silence. A chance to go beyond yourself – to transcend, an opportunity to merge with existence and become one energy, one soul. Mahatria’s very presence becomes that propelling energy that ejects you out of habitual orbits into the infinite expanse of the divine.

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